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Window 10 CompatibleCitrus Construction Scheduler is a program which schedules events (milestones) for construction projects to different work groups or individuals within your company, or to sub-contractors. The program can work in conjunction with Citrus Dispatcher to control work schedules and prevent duplicate scheduling. It also works with Citrus Invoicer to create customer invoices. An event (milestone) can be administrative or technical in nature; EG Obtain a Building Permit (Administrative) or Pour Foundation (Technical). An event can be dependent on the completion of a previous milestone event. Each technical event is assigned a duration in hours or days. A starting day and time are selected for each event and existing work schedules for technical personnel are checked to prevent conflicts. Administrative events are simply assigned to a date. Other Features are: Create a Holiday List to prevent scheduling on Holidays, Vacations etc. Create Work Orders The Setup Screen The Setup Screen is where you enter the information needed for the basic operation of the program. It contains a File Folder with seven tabs; one is a Help tab which contains brief instructions about the other tabs. Business Info Enter the Information about your Business. Assignments Create a list to which Events will be assigned. Company Logo Select a Logo and Save it. Operations has 3 sub-tabs Work Days These settings are used throughout the program to assign events to the proper days of the week. Allow Scheduling These Days Select the Workdays you wish to schedule. This should be your normal workweek. Start Time Your typical starting hour of the work day

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